About us

We’re a family of three from the U.K. We moved around a lot back home, so it didn’t seem too crazy to move overseas; new home, new city, new friends… new life… just with the added complication of being a foreigner.

So, my husband took a job in Jerusalem, I gave up my life as a travel PR, and we moved our little family to the Middle East.

While we can, we are determined to explore as much as we can; as two geographers, it’s a dream to give our daughter a first-hand understanding of the wider world. And as a serial organiser I am in my element planning our next adventure!

About me

Hello, I’m Helen Batte; a writer and general organiser of people and things, including this family and all of our trips. I’m an ex- travel PR (which might explain my love of an itinerary), geography geek, wine-lover, mother, wife and now travel blogger.

I have too many years in the travel industry to mention (it all started at a holiday camp in Wales…) and in this blog I’m combining all of my favourite things; writing, travelling and my family.

Plus my friends keep asking me to share details of our trips, so they can steal them . So here they are!

I’m also a freelance digital copywriter, specialising in travel. For more info on that, pop over to the Travel Copywriter page. Or just click here to read about our adventures.